The New Rules of Retail: Solutions from the Sandbox

Safety: Customers will reject public technology displays that require touch interface and will question retailers who keep these displays active placing the burden of sanitation on the customer. They want safety first.

Affordance: Customers will seek and value simplicity in all interactions. Any solutions that are front of house must be effortless and intuitive — designed with the shopper in mind.

Efficiency: Retailers are suffering substantial financial losses during this pandemic. Any solution must have low barriers to entry, low cost, and low barriers to exit.

Enjoyment: Any solution that is to be presented to retail must include the joy of discovery, wonder, and enjoyment. Let’s bring fun back to shopping!

What we propose is a Mobile Touchscreen Interface — I teased this idea here. And today I am ready to share how it works.



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Andy Austin

Andy Austin

A geek with a retail operations and customer experience background